The Slammer

Philip Aubrey, Gavin Waters, and Cliff Jensen have been very awful and bad boys and are sent to the slammer. Christian Wilde is in ask for of making sure these new fish pay their debt to modern society and isn’t scared to pull out his 8″ inch cut nightstick to make sure that occurs. Christian escorts the convicts to their jail-cell for the night time, stealing a quick feel from Jensen’s fantastic ass as he closes the cell door ordering them to “Shut the fuck up and go to sleep”. Gavin and Philip quickly fall asleep, exhausted from a long day and still wearing their orange prison uniforms, but Cliff has been rock hard since feeling that hand on his butt and can’t rest till he blows at least once. Cliff begins stroking his beautiful meat, unabashed that both Gavin and Philip sleep only feet away. Christian, on a routine patrol sees Cliff masturbating and can’t help but enter the cell. Christian immediately lays down the law throwing Cliff’s rock hard rod down his throat, rubbing Cliff’s chest and balls at the same time. It’s Christian’s turn now, standing up he pulls his rock hard penis out. The second Cliff puts his mouth on Christian’s massive head the moaning starts, his mouth is so good that Christian is already thinking about how to keep Cliff locked up forever. Cliff pulls off ready to fuck Christian, but disaster strikes as Christian was ready to fuck Cliff – what are two tops to do? Cliff has a eureka moment and points at his two sleeping cell mates, Christian, the gentlemen, lets Cliff pick first – Philip is suddenly woken up and a second later Cliff’s dick is in his mouth. A foot away from the other two Christian begins face-fucking Gavin, demanding Gavin better control the amount of spit ending up on his cock. Christian is getting great head from Gavin but he can’t keep himself from staring at Philip sucking on Cliff’s cock, almost making him blow in the process – These totally perfect bottoms with fantastic assess need to be banged NOW! Christian demands that these greedy hole bottoms get on a single jail bed and in his own words tells them to “Get on your fucking knees!”. Cue the best foursome ever.

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