Tyler Saint together with sexy pornstar Vince Cooper

Sites like Drill My Hole and other gay hardcore sites can never go too far in my opinion, so I was interested to see what the title of this little number was all about. It is the latest from the site, and the site comes from Men.com as I am sure you know. You probably also know that they invite you in to all of their sites when you join one, and that the network then updates a new scene every day. Each one is exclusive, many have these and on-going stories and all of them are worth seeing. This one brings us uncut, versatile, eight-incher Tyler Saint who has made 11 or so movies for this company, and here he is playing around with newcomer Vince Cooper in only his second movie for the site.

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It’s a scene with a scenario in that our two guys are decorators doing up a house. Vince in bored, he’s young and playful and wants to mess around but Tyler is not impressed. He sets Vince tasks to do and all Vince wants to do is throw things at Tyler and poke him. Then Vince goes too far. (Ah ha! The title.) So, bigger, older, butch Tyler gives him something to play with and, pushing him down to his knees, whips out his meaty cock and tells the apprentice to ‘play with this.’ Seems that now Vince suddenly knows how to do as he is told and starts sucking on that meat like he really knows what he is doing. Well, it’s better than working I guess. Tyler teases him with it, punishes him even; down on the hard floor, still in his cover-alls, his muscles bulging. Until he decides he needs to punish his lad more, but his time by torturing his ass.

He only uses his fingers but for virgin Vince that’s enough to cause him to call out and moan. But those moans soon turn to the sounds of pleasure as he relaxes into the mild spanking and finger probing. And then before he knows it, Tyler has his cock lubed up and sliding in here and he’s being fucked up against the ladder. This apprentice had no idea that this is where his horse play would lead him, but he gets right into it and gets his ass well fucked for a very long time.

Vince’s cock stays hard as the two guys get into various positions around the room and we get a great video with a long suck and fuck session that ends with Tyler shooting as his balls are being licked. Vince had cum well before this, while squatting over that huge cock, and about the only thing he got decorated that day was the floor, with his cum.

Billy Santoro and Connor Kline

Drill My Hole’s latest offering, ”Talk to me Right,” stars Billy Santoro and Connor Kline, two hot, firm and steamy hunks. With the collaboration of the Men.com network, this horny match that was simply made for the screen have produced 17 hardcore movies. The chemistry between these studs have made their ratings soar beyond all expectations, and we expect we’ll see more from these two soon. Men.com is the exclusive owner of over a thousand erotic films, and is constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest talent for your viewing pleasure.

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A young couple in love, Billy and Connor are in the midst of their latest lover’s quarrel. Unsure how to communicate effectively to resolve the fight, but determined to remind Connor of his love for him, Billy steps out to cool off. Unbeknownst to him, Connor is thinking exactly the same thing, but his reaction isn’t to walk away, it’s to get closer. He reaches for Billy and stops him with a kiss.
When Billy responds in kind, they take this opportunity to connect to the next level. Connor’s cock is already flying at full mast while he’s kissing Billy, who responds to Connor’s offer by pleasuring him with his mouth. Knowing full well what will happen when Billy gets horny too, Connor gets undressed. At the sight of his rippling muscles and at the touch of his strong legs and smooth yet strong chest, Billy gets undressed too.

Opposites attract, and that’s the case between smooth and sinewy Connor and bulky and hairy Billy. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and it would be criminal to ruin your pleasure at over-describing what they look like in flagrante delicto her. We invite you to visit Drill My Hole, where you can see for yourself how deliciously animalistic both can get. Who plays bottom? Who plays top? Come find out for yourself and let yourself be entranced, turned on and pleasured by their work.
Men.com is out to bring you the best of the best of the best of homoerotic pornography. They work with the best and are committed to satisfy your with the most finely crafted and executed sexual situations on the online market today.

Johnny Rapid And Rafael Alencar

Drill My Hole is starting up another series of hardcore porn movies, this one is called Repeat Offender (Scene 1). This means that there are more offenders who will be brought to our rapt attention. Repeat Offender stars the always horny twink in the Men.com network, Johnny Rapid. Johnny plays this scene alongside Rafael Alencar, an older model with an eleven and a half inch cock. Rafael’s super-sized dick alongside Johnny’s smooth, white, bubble butt is enough to let you know that you are in for a super treat with these two.The scene starts off in a jail for young offenders. Johnny is being processed by a huge, hairy, guard who looks like a big bear. Johnny is told to remove his orange jumpsuit and we get our first glimpse of that sweet, young body hiding beneath. Our big, bad, bear-man guard is also removing his clothes.

It is here that Rafael (the now naked guard) realizes that he and Johnny have already met. He has a flashback to that first time together:Johnny is on his knees in the shower, being punished by Rafael’s massive cock. Even soft, the monster is thick and heavy and completely fills Johnny’s mouth. As the long shaft gets harder it invades Johnny’s throat with its incredible length. Rafael jerks on Johnny’s hair and shakes him back and forth on that massive monster. Johnny does his best not to gag as he takes it deeper and deeper down the throat.Rafael has further plans for this twink and exposes Johnny’s well-worn, but very capable ass for all the world to see. He stretches the lightly hairy hole wide, and explores the inner pink regions while getting his jolly monster ready for some anal action.The action continues, hot and heavy, for a full 15 minutes. You will want to watch the whole scene for yourself to see all the action. Just picture heavy anal action, acrobatic stunts and lots of cock and anal worshiping and you can imagine the scene. Drill My Hole has a winner on their hands with this Repeat Offender series – after only this one scene, that is just the way it feels. Repeat Offender takes hardcore porn to a level beyond the norm. Wanna see more of Rafael Alencar big cock in action ? click here

Bubble Butts Part 2 with Jake Wilder , John Magnum and Luke Adams

Drill My Hole is constantly turning out new and horny videos for its members, and the one up for inspection today is no exception. This site sits in the network and that network uploads a new scene every day. It’s hard to keep up sometimes and particularly as the network already has over 1,000 exclusive movies to its name and in its archives. Here we’ve got three models drawn from the veritable treasure trove of manly bodies that Men.com collect. Luke Adams, a seven inch cut versatile bottom teams up with dark and cheeky looking Jake Wilder and cut top John Magnum in Bubble Butts Part 2.

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The scene starts in an unusual way for DMH, with a close up of one of the guys stroking their hard cocks. This may be because it is a part two and carries on from where part one left off, usually there is a setup and intro. Here Jake is jerking and clearly fantasising in his mind, feeling up his body and wishing for something or someone. We then slip into his fantasy and find the other two hunks discovering him on the bed. The three guys are already hard and what’s even sexier is that they are shaved. The start sharing out the baby oil so very soon they are glistening and slippery, feeling up each other’s hard asses, seeing who has the best bubble butt.

And the action then, literally, slips into another gear as each tough and fit hunky guy gets to suck on cock. Three rampant and solid dicks are on show in this scene, and three hungry mouths make short work of them as Jakes’ fantasy gets more and more wild. After the amazing suck-fest he gets down on his knees between the two guys and offers his aching ass to John Magnum. He takes full advantage of it, sliding in slowly doggy style and then fucking harder and faster. And at the other end of the pleasure-boy, Luke Adams is getting his hard cock sucked deep and long by our bottom boy. Well, hardly a boy, he’s a hunk and muscled and a solid lump of manhood who can take the lengths given him in this spit-roasting.

The guys change around and Luke gets to fuck the solid bubble butt that Jake has on offer, his own shaved cock still ever-hard and ready for stroking. There’s more swapping around, more hard fucking of this wanton ass before Jake finally squirts out great gobs of thick, white jizz. The other two studs empty their nuts across his body and Jake gets about as wet as I’ve seen any porn star get in a three-way.

Colby Jansen having sex with Duncan Black

Duncan Black visits the MEN studio before time to sign on his exclusive agreement prior to an afternoon of shooting. Enjoyably, companion exclusive Colby Jansen is just there to present him the how-to. The guys rotated upon speaking of a few of the shots Colby recorded there and choose to take the extra time to get acquainted with each other. Colby provides Duncan his preliminary try out of “Drill My Hole”.

Rafael Alencar fucking Alexander Greene hard in the ass

Drill My Hole pornstar Rafael Alencar from https://www.rafaelalencarxxx.com was so damn hot and ready to have a good party night. He are alittle over dressed and ready to go out when he finds new dorm college dude Alexander Greene laying naked on his college bed jerking off his hot cock. Not much Rafael can do about it but to fuck him like a wild animal. Watch Greene scream in pain as he gets the Alencar big cock hard in his tight asshole.

Rocco Reed Gay Groupsex

Christopher Daniels is pulling in the most by his very 1st photoshoot with Rocco Reed and Tommy Defendi by tardily turning up the pressure on the models like they are toads in a bath of stewing water. Before too long, Tommy has his mouth full of cock and Christopher are getting slammed by both studly models. Another great scene with Rocco fucking two hot men in a new gay scene from Drill My Hole

Holding Cell

Johnny Rapid is back in custodianship, bored to death, and horny as fuck! The randy young bastard can’t be blamed with incredibly hot guards like Jimmy Johnson and Jack King who don’t need to have a lot of cajoling to get undressed and screw Johnny’s incarcerated brain out!!!

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Gay’s Anatomy

In this excellent Video called “Gay’s Anatomy” the horny Marcus Ruhl has been pretty much fucking around on the job and discovers himself without a lot of choices when Landon Conrad confronts him with waterproof video evidence. As luck would have it, Landon is ready to let it go with a small punch on the wrist – and ass. And yes, this will be a hard ass pounding – guaranteed!

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