Billy Santoro and Connor Kline

Drill My Hole’s latest offering, ”Talk to me Right,” stars Billy Santoro and Connor Kline, two hot, firm and steamy hunks. With the collaboration of the network, this horny match that was simply made for the screen have produced 17 hardcore movies. The chemistry between these studs have made their ratings soar beyond all expectations, and we expect we’ll see more from these two soon. is the exclusive owner of over a thousand erotic films, and is constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest talent for your viewing pleasure.

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A young couple in love, Billy and Connor are in the midst of their latest lover’s quarrel. Unsure how to communicate effectively to resolve the fight, but determined to remind Connor of his love for him, Billy steps out to cool off. Unbeknownst to him, Connor is thinking exactly the same thing, but his reaction isn’t to walk away, it’s to get closer. He reaches for Billy and stops him with a kiss.
When Billy responds in kind, they take this opportunity to connect to the next level. Connor’s cock is already flying at full mast while he’s kissing Billy, who responds to Connor’s offer by pleasuring him with his mouth. Knowing full well what will happen when Billy gets horny too, Connor gets undressed. At the sight of his rippling muscles and at the touch of his strong legs and smooth yet strong chest, Billy gets undressed too.

Opposites attract, and that’s the case between smooth and sinewy Connor and bulky and hairy Billy. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and it would be criminal to ruin your pleasure at over-describing what they look like in flagrante delicto her. We invite you to visit Drill My Hole, where you can see for yourself how deliciously animalistic both can get. Who plays bottom? Who plays top? Come find out for yourself and let yourself be entranced, turned on and pleasured by their work. is out to bring you the best of the best of the best of homoerotic pornography. They work with the best and are committed to satisfy your with the most finely crafted and executed sexual situations on the online market today.