Johnny Rapid And Rafael Alencar

Drill My Hole is starting up another series of hardcore porn movies, this one is called Repeat Offender (Scene 1). This means that there are more offenders who will be brought to our rapt attention. Repeat Offender stars the always horny twink in the network, Johnny Rapid. Johnny plays this scene alongside Rafael Alencar, an older model with an eleven and a half inch cock. Rafael’s super-sized dick alongside Johnny’s smooth, white, bubble butt is enough to let you know that you are in for a super treat with these two.The scene starts off in a jail for young offenders. Johnny is being processed by a huge, hairy, guard who looks like a big bear. Johnny is told to remove his orange jumpsuit and we get our first glimpse of that sweet, young body hiding beneath. Our big, bad, bear-man guard is also removing his clothes.

It is here that Rafael (the now naked guard) realizes that he and Johnny have already met. He has a flashback to that first time together:Johnny is on his knees in the shower, being punished by Rafael’s massive cock. Even soft, the monster is thick and heavy and completely fills Johnny’s mouth. As the long shaft gets harder it invades Johnny’s throat with its incredible length. Rafael jerks on Johnny’s hair and shakes him back and forth on that massive monster. Johnny does his best not to gag as he takes it deeper and deeper down the throat.Rafael has further plans for this twink and exposes Johnny’s well-worn, but very capable ass for all the world to see. He stretches the lightly hairy hole wide, and explores the inner pink regions while getting his jolly monster ready for some anal action.The action continues, hot and heavy, for a full 15 minutes. You will want to watch the whole scene for yourself to see all the action. Just picture heavy anal action, acrobatic stunts and lots of cock and anal worshiping and you can imagine the scene. Drill My Hole has a winner on their hands with this Repeat Offender series – after only this one scene, that is just the way it feels. Repeat Offender takes hardcore porn to a level beyond the norm. Wanna see more of Rafael Alencar big cock in action ? click here

Rafael Alencar fucking Alexander Greene hard in the ass

Drill My Hole pornstar Rafael Alencar from was so damn hot and ready to have a good party night. He are alittle over dressed and ready to go out when he finds new dorm college dude Alexander Greene laying naked on his college bed jerking off his hot cock. Not much Rafael can do about it but to fuck him like a wild animal. Watch Greene scream in pain as he gets the Alencar big cock hard in his tight asshole.